Marketing transformation

Our marketing solutions enable you to attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers that enable sustainable business growth.

  • Marketing brief management. A structured marketing requirements brief provides the framework and foundation for a marketing initiative or campaign. This brief should articulate give marketing / creative agencies what they need to know to carry out the plan. We can manage the end to end requirements and pitch process to ensure you achieve your objectives on time and on budget.
  • Market and competitor Insights. Deeply understanding your target market and competitors provides you with the basis for intelligently developing your sales and marketing strategies to generate future growth. We can support you in providing an insight led approach that supports your growth ambitions.
  • Content development & creation. Effective copywriting enables you to succinctly articulate the value of your value proposition and ultimately persuade your target audience to take a particular action.
  • Partner enablement. We can collaborate with your partner channels to ensure they have the required knowledge and skills to effectively position your portfolio and services. This would typically include portfolio and skills curriculums, development pathways and certification programmes.
  • Digital marketing and content distribution. We can build and execute a consistent, repeatable and cost effective approach to digital marketing, social selling and digital content distribution that drives awareness of your brand and value proposition.
  • Customer demos. Compelling customer demos can succinctly articulate your value proposition, differentiate you from your competition, improve your win probability and accelerate closure time. We can work with you to develop and launch virtual and physical customer demos to help you achieve these benefits.
  • Website / App development & maintenance. A well designed website is a key selling and awareness tool for your business.   We will work with you to build or enhance your online presence with visually appealing, user friendly designs and clear navigation.
  • Analyst and consultant relations. Building strong relationships with the analyst and consultant communities who typically influence and accelerate the customer decision making process  is a key success factor in certain markets. We can support the development of your engagement with these influencers.
  • Communications and public relations. We can support your internal and external communications and PR strategy enabling you to build your reputation with customers, partners and influencers.

These are just a selection of our marketing transformation solutions. The final solution will be tailored to your requirements. Lets talk.

What does this mean for you?

Execution of a transformational customer success strategy optimises how you win & retain customers. 

Blue Nugget Consulting enables Start Ups, Scale Up's, SME's and Enterprise customers to scope, design, embed and sustain their customer success strategy.

This means you can focus on your business and we will focus on enabling your customer success transformation for you.

Services can be provided on a consultancy or interim basis depending on your requirements and preference.